Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to remove default Trust relationship between parent and child domain

Hello Guys,

I encountered a error with the trust relationship between my parent domain and child domain. I couldn't reset the trust password nor delete the trust.

I found a solution to this problem. I hope this helps.

"1. Run ADSIEdit in the parent domain.

2. While connecting select default naming context

3. Go to the System container.

4. You should see a TrustedDomain object called CN=<ChildDomainName> -> Delete this object.

5. Go to the Users container.

6. You should see a User object called CN=<ChildDomainName$> Delete this object.

7. Force Replicate throughout the parent domain so all DC's in the parent recognize this change.

8. Perform the steps 1-7 in the child domain as well (TrustedDomain & User object will show CN=<ParentDomainName> & CN=<ParentDomainName$>)

9. Once replicated, reboot the PDC in both domains.

10. In the parent domain, open Active Directory Domains and Trusts, create a new trust with the child domain (create on both sides).

In addition, please check the following:

1.    Verify that DNS works find in both domains.

2.    On the PDC in the parent domain, type the command nltest /dsgetdc:ChildDomain /force
On the PDC in the child domain, type the command nltest /dsgetdc:ParentDomain /force
and check the result."


Please note that it best that you have a backup copy of your domain controller (PDC) for both child and parent domain before proceeding with above steps.


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